Dermatitis in the florist and floral industry is an on-going concern. With hands in and out of water all day, and constant contact with plant sap, plant food and plant preservation preparations, it really is no wonder that so many florists suffer with dermatitis.

As professional florists know, wearing gloves is often inconvenient and can impede dexterity. In addition, having to re-apply hand cream after each time the hands become wet is impracticable.

The constant demands made on the skin during a normal day’s work for any florist soon starts to remove all the skin’s natural moisture. Very quickly, you hands begin to look dry, chaffed and uncared for.

If you start to notice any deterioration in your skin condition, you should seek to redress the problem immediately. Skin conditions that are left untreated can lead to more serious problems. Sore patches can become inflamed and splits and cracks may appear around your fingertips and knuckles.

Suddenly your job as a florist can become a painful chore instead of joyful expression of your creativity.

Healthy skin that maintains the correct moisture balance is supple and a very effective barrier to infections. However, once it starts to become dry the top layer of lipids on your epidermis are in danger of being damaged. This will make your skin more vulnerable to infection. Enforced time off due to sore and chapped hands can follow. No matter if you’re an employer, self employed or an employee, time off from work is expensive and disruptive.

Derma Guard is also an effective form of florist skin care by helping protect the hands from plant sap and chemicals which cause dermatitis.

Don’t take our word for it. Read for yourself what one fellow professional said:
“As a busy florist I have experienced skin troubles on my hands which I suspect is caused by contact with water on a regular basis during the day and contact with the sap exuding from the cut stems of flowers.
A chance conversation with a customer introduced me to your wonderful skin protectant and very quickly my hands started to heal.
I temporarily stopped using your product and once again developed skin problems. I have now reverted to using Derma Guard daily and intend to continue using it.”
GC Surrey

So how will Derma Guard help prevent dermatitis in florists?

Go about your day confident that your florists’ dermatitis is being moisturised, nurtured and protected. Because one application of Derma Guard will last for four to five hours despite repeated washing, you can concentrate on your job not on constantly re-applying barrier cream.

Stop any further aggravation of the sensitised skin and enable the skin to recover quickly. Derma Guard’s microscopic shield ensures that, in most cases, allergens and irritants causing the skin to dry out are no longer in direct contact with the skin.

Nurture the skin and help to keep it supple. Supple skin doesn’t split – it stretches. To aid faster skin recovery Derma Guard contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that are locked in to keep the skin supple.