I have been a surgeon for thirty years and suffered a full thickness skin loss over the knuckle of my left-middle finger. The subsequent re-epithelialisation had left me with very atrophic cover making it difficult to fully flex the joint. I had been struggling on with this until some Derma Guard was made available in my private theatre suite for use on a trial basis. I was so impressed with it. Your product, I think, has made it possible for me to continue as an active general surgeon.
R. G. S.

Being a dentist I have had severe contact dermatitis for many years due to my contact with acetone, methyl methacrylate, dental stone and powder in the gloves, and also from a constant washing of my hands. After about six weeks of using Derma Guard, twice a day, my hands and fingers are back to normal
J W A.

I am writing to inform you of the success we have had with patients using your product Derma Guard.

Our patients are being treated for sleep apnoea at the sleep unit. They use a machine called CPAP-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure which is a small motor that draws room air in, under pressure. This creates an air splint in the upper airway passages. By holding the airway open this enables patients to sleep through the night without waking to gasp for breath, leaving them refreshed in the daytime.

The mask that is used to deliver CPAP can cause problems on the patients face. The pressure can mark the skin making it red then, if it goes unnoticed, it can eventually break the skin down leaving it blistered so the patient can’t use their CPAP until it clears.

We trialled Derma Guard on a patient recently who suffers with psoriasis and had tried various creams which were only good for a limited time. After using Derma Guard the red pressures sores on the forehead reduced and he used the cream on his arms which he reports cleared up completely.

Patients who have used CPAP for some years now have found Derma Guard themselves and informed us how effective it is at protecting the skin from breakdown using the CPAP mask.

We are now recommending Derma Guard to all our existing and new patients.

I am a care worker in a nursing home and for the past year and a half have been suffering from contact dermatitis on my hands from constant washing and using powered gloves.  I have only been using Derma Guard for a short time and already the itching has gone and my hands are improving.