Dirty Hands


Dirty hands from work poses a huge problem for many trades and professions.

Often, as an inevitable consequence of their duties, skilled workmen are subjected to prolonged contact with dirt and grime. Other frequent workplace hazards include grease, lubricants,oils, industrial paints and chemicals. All can leave the skin suffering from ingrained grime.

As well as looking and feeling unhealthy, stubborn, hard-to-shift grime can result in dry and cracked skin. This can be painful and unsightly and it can lead to an increased risk of infection.
Many hands may make light work, but dirty hands can ultimately limit a person’s ability to earn their living.

You may not be able to change your working environment, but you can certainly take measures to protect and maintain the health of your skin.

How Derma Guard can help prevent dirty hands from work.

Derma Guard creates a microscopic shield that provides a barrier, stopping dirt and grime attaching to the skin and alleviating the ingrained dirty hands. This gives the skin a chance to heal from any existing conditions, whilst pharmaceutical grade moisturisers nurture the skin to keep it in prime condition.

Because Derma Guard only disappears through sublimation of dead skin cells, one application will last four hours despite repeated washing. You don’t lose your sense of touch and there is no need to re-apply every time the skin gets wet.

Your skin will be protected from further abuse from substances that can become ingrained into the skin and cause the dirty hands. Horrible, dirty substances that you work with will be washed away and your skin will quickly lose the ingrained, grubby look. Leaving you confident in your skin’s appearance.