Skin Problems


Skin problems on hands of people who work in all sorts of industry are a great cause of worry, both financially and morally. Hands with a rash of some form are often the first indication that something is going wrong. And when people in work have skin problems dermatitis industrial injury costs can be punative.

Skin is the largest organ on the body and plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. The skin is also the first point of contact with the daily environment and consequently takes a fair amount of abuse.

In a normal environment our skin copes very well but when we subject it to abuse it will start to react in different ways. Often the first sign of trouble we notice is a hands rash but in fact, the problem can occur on any part of our body.

Skin problems can be broadly separated into three groups: skin dermatitis, eczema hands and psoriasis; all of which are discussed separately.
Skin problems are costing industry millions of pounds each year and the cost is continuing to rise. Not only are employers losing valuable working time they also have to pay the employee whilst away from work. Add to this the rising number of litigation claims by affected employees against their employers and it is easy to see why this trend will continue.

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