It is not a traditional barrier cream: It is an industrial skin protectant that is dispensed as a mousse.
You will find it light and easy to use.

Delivered from CFC-free aerosols
You are not contributing to ozone depletion.

Derma Guard provides a microscopic barrier against continued aggravation of abused, sensitive skin and helps to stop skin irritation even after repeated washing.
This gives the skin a chance to heal from any existing conditions, whilst pharmaceutical grade moisturisers nurture the skin to keep it in prime condition.

Completely safe and can be used on any area of your skin.
It’s not only your hands that need protecting. Sometimes your arms, face, neck and other areas also need vital protection.

Food safe, whether at home or at work.
You can use it in food preparation areas.

Sinks into your skin releasing nutrients as it does so.
Your hands probably take a lot of abuse from your work. The nutrients are formulated to keep your skin in top condition. Users tell us how it helps them with dermatitis and other skin problems.

Once applied, Derma Guard locks into the skin and only comes off when the skin sheds naturally.
You don’t lose your sense of touch and you don’t have to re-apply your protection every time you touch something or get your skin wet.

Your skin will not feel greasy when wearing Derma Guard.
You won’t be working with greasy hands that become slimy when wet or “squidgy” inside gloves.

One applications lasts you 4 hours despite repeated washing.
Even if you get wet from water or coolants and then wipe or wash your hands, you don’t have to worry about your protection.

It forms a microscopic mesh over the skin which protects whilst allowing the skin to breath and perspire normally
Tender or abused skin that can be irritated is given a chance to heal and is protected from further abuse.

The protective layer on your skin will repel strong odours.
Those strong odours that you work with will stay where they belong – in work.

Your skin will be protected against oils, greases, dyes, paints, inks, dirt, etc…
Those dirty horrible substances that you work with will all wash away. Your skin will quickly lose that ingrained, grubby look.

You will even have protection against resins, mastic and adhesives, including Superglue.
Your hands will be adhesive-free on Friday night instead of Sunday tea-time.

Whilst not replacing personal protective equipment (PPE), your skin will have emergency protection from most acids and bases.
If you do get splashed with something when you least expect it, you will have more time to get to water, or receive emergency attention.