What is Derma Guard?

Derma Guard is a unique non-greasy and non-toxic skin protectant. The 26 ingredients in Derma Guard are formulated to solve the problems you and your colleagues come across in everyday work.


What does it do?

The ingredients in Derma Guard combine to nurture and protect your skin from; strong odours, dirt, grease, oil, ink, dye, paint, glue (including superglue), skin irritants and many more – so many in fact, that if we were to list them all here you would be reading for hours! If you would like to see exactly what chemicals Derma Guard protects against then visit the chemical list page. You’ll also be pleased to know that your skin will continue to breath, perspire and feel perfectly normal whilst enjoying this amazing protection.


It sounds great, but is it easy to use?

Yes. To apply Derma Guard you simply need to wash and dry your hands, shake the can vigorously then apply an amount similar to a golf ball onto your hands. Rub it in and within 5 minutes your skin is protected.


Who else uses Derma Guard?

We have over 10,000 satisfied customers including well known names such as; British Airways, Royal Air Force, Royal Mint, GEC, Taylor Woodrow and BUPA.


How much is this going to cost?

For you and your colleagues to benefit from the protection detailed here it will cost as little as: 32 pence per week. Remember, the real cost to you and your company will actually be much lower than this. As many existing users have already found out to their advantage, just one of the many benefits of Derma Guard to you is that it saves up to 90% on cleanup time. In some cases that’s equivalent to an extra week a year.

Here’s a look at how much use you get out of each product:

 DG50 6 weeks 55
 DG150 4 months 170
 DG500 14 months 550
 DG100C 2.5 months 100
 DG150C 4 months 150
 DG500C 12 months 500

* Calculations based on an individual working 8 hours per day with a 5 day working week.


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